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Casa de Resonancia

Resonance Hub

The Resonance Hub ("Casa de Resonancia") in the very center of our village provides spaces and setup to facilitate the connection and the collaboration between all people who decide to enter our communitarian resonance field.
Through the acoustic and visual connection between most spaces in the house, its resonance architecture creates a feeling of togetherness between all people present. This connection is also to be felt towards the vivid central place of our little village, which is right in front of our south-facing windows.

It is not a building where to find complete privacy or complete silence (for that you can enjoy other of our spaces). Instead, even in one of the 5 private rooms, you will notice if some communal dynamic is arising in the central internal patio, with its huge communal hammocks, its sound system and dance area, the whirlpool, and the open activity and chill space on top with its huge roof terrace. This area which also offers an office, a library, and a little kitchen expands between the 1st and the 4th floor and is protected for celebrating the internal dynamics of our community.

The ground floor is open to a wider community and our spontaneous guests. There you find the communal kitchen, a salon for dining, togetherness, or cozy chimney nights, and a light-flooded co-working space.