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Coliving household

Designed for a clear and open space, incorporating comfortable avenues for nutrition and wellness.

The coliving household is maintained by our dedicated keepers, ensuring a consistently clear and clean living environment. Residents are encouraged to store their personal belongings in designated spaces, ensuring a clutter-free ambiance. Communal areas receive a thorough cleaning weekly, with bathrooms and kitchens attended to more frequently. Individual rooms do not include service, and residents are expected to leave them clean upon departure.

Our ground-floor community kitchen serves as a central hub for communal meals provided by the dedicated keepers. Additionally, residents have the freedom to use this space for common breakfast or meal preparation. The kitchen is well-stocked with freely accessible food and drinks. While the basic supply is included in the contribution, exclusive items and alcoholic/soft drinks may incur a nominal extra fee.

On the first floor, there is an additional kitchen for residents preferring individual food preparation. Here, personal food and drinks can be stored, and residents can prepare meals according to their preferences. The kitchen also features a selection of frozen meals for a quick and convenient snack, including specialty items like ethical wild boar or goat meat, which may require an extra contribution.

Maintaining cleanliness is a shared responsibility, and individuals using the kitchens are kindly requested to leave the space impeccably clean. Both kitchens undergo regular coordination and deep cleaning by our dedicated keepers.

Once a week the food stock is getting filled up. Keepers can simply click missing food items in an online form and they get delivered to our door. Simply communicate your food wishes to the keeper in charge. Fresh bread is getting delivered to our door every morning (except Sunday) and fresh fish three times a week.