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Intensive communal periods in tune with the moon

Communal living within Resonancia Community is marked by celebratory cycles, carefully aligned with the natural phases of the moon. These cycles serve as dedicated periods during which we nurture and safeguard both the communal container and the unfolding human processes within it.

The initiation of a new community always coincides with the new moon, facilitating a collective introspection that helps identify individual focuses for the upcoming cycle. As we reach the midpoint, the heightened energies of the full moon are harnessed, enabling communal celebrations and unlocking the full potential of creativity.

Towards the cycle's conclusion, we invite an internal focus once again. This phase encourages participants to comprehend their personal harvest from this unique time and to gracefully release the intensity of the community experience they were fortunate to be part of.

New integrations are welcomed just before the new moon, and a minimum participation of two consecutive cycles is required. Long-term participants seeking periodic engagement with Resonancia Community also have the flexibility to join individual cycles.

Even in the face of challenging personal processes within a cycle, we strongly advocate for bringing initiated cycles to a close. The full healing energy of the communal dynamic is truly harvested when everyone collaboratively transforms and overcomes challenges together.


As your stay approaches its conclusion at the end of a cycle, there is often an option to extend your time, allowing you to stay for additional days or even weeks. This could be particularly appealing if you wish to wrap up your experience or partake in activities such as the new moon hot tub session one more time.

Upcoming cycles

April Cycle 07 April - 05 May Welcome springtime
May Cycle 05 May - 02 June Bonobo
June Cycle 02 - 30 June Summer arrives
July Cycle 30 June - 04 August Summer
August Cycle 04 August - 01 September .
September Cycle 01 - 29 September x
October Cycle 29 September - 27 October
November Cycle 27 October - 24 November
December Cycle 24 November - 22 December
New Year Cycle 22 December - 26 January 2025