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Resonancia Community is comprised of individuals who serve in two distinct roles: Keepers and Lodgers.

Keepers: Keepers play a crucial role in attending to various practical aspects within our shared environment. Their responsibilities include cleaning communal spaces, managing food stocks in our common kitchens, preparing daily communal meals, organizing gatherings, and potentially overseeing the care of the land and operation of our organic gardens. Keepers do not make financial contributions to the community cash, thus shouldering only half of the costs associated with being part of Resonancia Community.

Lodgers: Lodgers relish the freedom from specific expectations related to tasks managed by Keepers. While voluntary contributions are appreciated, lodgers are not obliged to engage in communal tasks within our coliving house. When attending our laboratory, a reduced contribution to community tasks is anticipated. In place of direct involvement, lodgers contribute to the community fund, addressing expenses tied to food and other shared resources. This contribution can be fulfilled through their work or engaging in personal projects for which they now have ample freedom of dedication.

Both Keepers and Lodgers play distinct yet equally important roles in shaping the community:

  • Keepers contribute through their dedicated care for the common environment and our sustenance.

  • Lodgers contribute by providing communal food and other resources through their work or personal projects.

The estimated weekly time commitment for fulfilling the role of a Keeper is approximately 15 hours. On the other hand, Lodgers are expected to make a weekly financial contribution to the community cash ranging from €75 to €150, depending on individual economic circumstances. This inclusive structure ensures that each member, regardless of their role, contributes uniquely to the vitality and sustainability of Resonancia Community.


A nearby laundry offers a weekly laundry service. Place your soiled clothes, along with the corresponding fee, in designated boxes, and they will be returned to you clean and neatly folded after a few days.

Designed for a clear and open space, incorporating comfortable avenues for nutrition and wellness.

Maintained by our dedicated keepers, ensuring a consistently clear and clean living environment. Easy access to drinks, food, communal or individual meals in two kitchens.

An expansive realm to explore and discover creative methods of collaboration within a community

The household at Valle de Sensaciones is dedicated to providing and supporting a real experience of community collaboration, playfully coordinated by our community mandala.