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"vibrational fusion of freedom, authentic presence and connection"

In acoustics and physics, resonance means that two bodies that are free to vibrate are creating a relation to each other. It is a basic human need and ability. We can be resonant with other people, even within groups, with (creative) activities, with things, with nature, with art, with spirituality. Since everything vibrates, we can consequently also enter into resonance with everything. Resonance means being touched or moved. Something has reached me.

A transformation is taking place

Resonance does not mean consonance, harmony, or unison. Resonance happens between dissonance and consonance. It's about being touched and responding to it, emotionally, physically, and mentally. Thus it is not aimed at growth or improvement. On the contrary, it is the basis for mindfulness and deceleration. It's about getting in touch with yourself and the world differently, getting transformed.

Resonance cannot be planned

Resonance relationships cannot be systematically established. We cannot be sure that resonance will occur. We cannot force it. A resonance situation cannot be increased, improved, or saved either. When we resonate with something or someone, we don't know what will come of it.

Resonance requires being in trust and free of intention

The principle of resonance contradicts the goal orientation, efficiency, and effectiveness. In times of acceleration and self-optimization, however, resonance relationships fall by the wayside. People who are in fear, under stress, time, or competitive pressures, cannot get involved with them. If we want to enter into resonance with people, it means that we initially trust each other unintentionally.   

In resonance, we get involved in processes whose outcome we do not know

Text reference


Principles of Resonance in leadership (german). Many thanks for permission to use the above text about Resonance


Hartmut Rosa about Resonance in Sociology: english, german

English Books

Resonance, A Sociology of Our Relationship to the World (Hartmut Rosa, from german)

Resonanz, Energy Dynamics in Conscious Organisations (Stephano & Matt Sabetti)

Resonance, A New Chemistry of Love (Barbara Miller Fishman & Laurie Ashner)

German Books

Resonanz-Rhythmus-Synchronisierung, Interaktion in Alltag, Therapie und Kunst (multiple Authors)
     Resonance-Rhythm-Sychronisation, Interaction in daily life, therapy and art

Das Jahrhundert des Bewusstwerdens, Geheimnis Resonanz (Gundl Kutschera)
     The century of getting conscious, the mystery of Resonance

Resonanz als Kraftquelle, The Dynamik der menschlichen Begegnung (Irmtraut Tarr)
     Resonance as Source of Power, the Dynamic of human Relations