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What you will enjoy in our environment

° 4 lit south balcony rooms ° 8 comfy living-capsules ° Top floor lounge and rooftop terrace ° Cinema, room for video projections with Netflix and YouTube Premium ° Coworking space with 600Mps fiber internet ° Whirlpool & Rain shower ° Communal Kitchen with communal food supply ° At least 1 warm meal each week day, beside free communal cooking ° Independent kitchen for private food storage and preparation ° Dining room for easygoing togetherness ° Bioclimatic architecture with passive cooling and central heating ° integrated into our befriended neighborhood ° Village bar with fast wifi right in front
Building a community of trust, where there is space to realize your own projects

We invite committed individuals into our coliving community, sharing our extraordinary environment and, most importantly, experiencing individual transformation and cultural co-creation. Coworking spaces with fiber internet, combined with a flexible daily flow, provide an environment where each member is supported in their individual or communal projects.
Our coliving community is nestled in the friendly Andalusian village of Yator, with the opportunity for our life and activities to organically extend to our nearby Ecovillage Laboratory, where we also host our guests and events.

Valle de Sensaciones, our magical natural sanctuary to explore the longed-for

Our paradise valley invites for exploration, celebration, learning and to find sanctuary. Here we enjoy a paradise environment with treehouses, cave spaces, artistic clay buildings, circus and other caravans, the 'Spa' glas-temple with hot tub, the 'Moon temple' as a sacred space for feminine empowerment and healing, the medicine wheel, a natural pool and much more.
The valley is a place of inherent magic, offered to us by this fertile and protected yoni of Mother Earth, and cultivated over more than two decades of life’s sensations, emotions, learning, and transformative journeys, all celebrated in an organic flow of communal exploration.