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Hi I’m Isabelle. I’m a world traveler, dancer, artist, musician, body-worker...  and cat.  

I used to explore female embodiment through performance art and still do it but now away from the contemporary art world and into the tantra world.  

I am a trained massage therapist and recently I have been focussing more on tantra massage for women.  I love to create a safe space for my sisters to receive a shower of love and where they can allow emotions, energetical blockages to be released.  Through the massage, we can resensitize and remove tensions from the body and the yoni, which we might not necessarily know we have.

I also organize women's circles and regular practices to awaken the shakti/kundalini/life force energy/pleasure in our bodies.

I facilitate rebirthing breathwork sessions, in groups or individually.

I am also a new shibari practicioner (japanese bondage art).  I love giving ropes and receiving.  It is also a very nice tool I like to add sometimes in a treatment to let the person surrender more deeply.

I love singing and playing ukulele so join me whenever to make music together.

Welcome to the Valle, a little heaven of freedom, authentic relating and so much love!