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Resonancia Community

A creative conscious community environment

In need of a temporary space to immerse yourself in focused work within a community context?

Searching for fertile ground to nurture your creative expression?

Eager to explore a new human culture rooted in self-responsibility, non-violent communication, authentic self-expression, non-judgment, and sex-positivity?

Enthusiastic about discovering learning and healing within the realm of permaculture and artistic natural construction?

Longing for a periodic home base among conscious individuals?

Seeking an extraordinary experience?

Join Resonancia Community

in Southern Spain

Living and working together

Our four-story village house is meticulously crafted to offer a space where creativity and comfort converge, facilitating a communal living and working experience, with an array of...

° 4 lit south balcony rooms
° 12 comfy living-capsules
° Top floor lounge and rooftop terrace
° Cinema, room for video projections with Netflix and YouTube Premium
° Coworking spaces with 600Mps fiber internet
° Whirlpool & Rain shower
° Communal Kitchen with communal food supply
° At least 1 warm meal per day
° Independent kitchen for private food storage and preparation
° Dining room for easygoing togetherness
° Bioclimatic architecture with passive cooling and central heating
° integrated into our befriended neighborhood
° Village bar with fast wifi right in front

Offering the environment for you to step into community exploration

A paradise valley where the community can explore, celebrate, learn and find sanctuary.

° treehouses
° cave spaces
° Artistic clay buildings
° 3 artistic session and love spaces for spontaneous usage: Massage, dating, etc
° 6 circus and camping-style caravans for private usage
° Multiple star beds: private spaces amidst nature
° Spa: Glastemple with hot tub, for wellness, gatherings, yoga, etc.
° Moon temple: sacred space for feminine empowerment and healing
° Medicine wheel: sacred space for individual and group ceremonies
° Natural pool
° Showers and compost toilets
° Bonfire place
° Permaculture environment and organic gardens

Creating a connected field of trust

The primary objective of the "Resonancia Community" is to cultivate a vibrant, interconnected community space founded on trust.

The agreement field safeguards an extraordinary cultural codex.

The community aligns with lunar cycles, operating in 28-day intervals, to foster deeper integration and connection.

Participants are thoughtfully selected. We delight in uniting individuals from diverse, like-minded tribes to foster resonance and mutual inspiration. In addition to digital nomads, artists, and event facilitators, special invitations extend to the ecovillage movement, the ISTA tribe, the radical faeries, the burners, and other communities.

Inclusivity is a priority, and we provide a highly flexible contribution model.

Recognizing the significance of communal nourishment in community building, we ensure that both food supply and meal preparation are provided.

An array of activities enhances the shared experience, including hot tub and whirlpool sessions, full moon parties, talking stick circles, and much more.

Every community member is open to hosting personal guests and clients, creating a welcoming space for connection, engagement, and professional realization.

Operational information

Private room rentals in our coliving, complete with full access to amenities and the Ecovillage Laboratory, inclusive events, and meals, start at just €600 per cycle of 28 days.
Minimum stay of 2 cycles.

Special rate while completing and finetuning the coliving environment

33% off for all reservations made during the next months.

We are excited to announce the relaunch of our project, marking the next evolutionary step within a larger community environment and a further developed concept. This represents a unique and innovative offering for celebrating a self-responsible, authentic, sex-positive culture, as we believe. While additional amenities are still in the process of being fully set up, and our concept undergoes fine-tuning, we extend a special invitation to pioneers – individuals who will play a crucial role in infusing the environment with vital community energy. Additionally, we are thankful for reservations into the future, without necessarily fixing a date, as they greatly assist us in covering the investments needed for the envisioned upgrades. In such cases, the reduction applies, even if you find the environment fully set up at the moment of your arrival.

Gatherings, Workshops and trainings in the valley

The human dynamic in the valley is enriched by planned celebrations, workshops or other events.
Typically we have hot tub affairs on new moon and Lunatic celebrations on full moon.