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Resonancia Community

Valle de Sensaciones

living together like music

An environment for friends to live, love, explore, evolve, learn, create, dance, play....
under the principles and the magic of resonance.

a field of permission to step into authentic expression and evolution of oneself

and at the same time a challenge for letting go of expectations, judgments, and blame

all in all, a human experiment and a healing space on our way into the New

El Valle de Sensaciones (the Valley of Sensations) offers a natural, artistic and educative setting inside a lush valley. A magical environment, designed for a community to unfold connection and activities in a organic way, while facilitating to life in full integration with nature and its resources.

This unique environment is perfect as a laboratory, where together we can unfold intensive communal processes and experiment with different human dynamics woven into the natural interaction of all beings sharing the space with us.

It also offers a santurary for the resonancia community and our befriended tribes, where to find reconnection inside the medicine wheel, the feminine moon temple, round the bomfire, on a shaddy matrace right above the stream, bathing in mud or in any other of the 1001 magical corners of this nature temple.

A laboratory to explore human issues arround love and sexuality
In the Eros Lab we create a protected field of trust, truthfulness, and open and honest communication. This supports each individual, as well as the entire circle of people, to step into authentic expression and to take full responsibility for their experience, including for the arising emotions and processes and to give space to any questions around love and sexuality.