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Medicine wheel

Sacred space and circular model of existence

The medicine wheel of Valle de Sensaciones was built by the shaman Roy Littlesun in the year 2007. After living together with the Hopi Indians he had the vision to create medicine wheels on his journey that are dedicated to peace and healing of the earth. The medicine wheels in Spain are additionally consecrated to the healing of the Karma between Spain and America. He created a big medicine wheel from 5 small medicine wheels that extend to the whole Iberian peninsula. It consists of one wheel in each geographic direction and one in the centre, that is placed in Madrid. The wheel in Valle de Sensaciones is part of this big healing wheel and represents the South, that stands for water, flowing, emotions, plants, fantasy and the playful, innocent energy of the child. For the inauguration of the wheel also Sunwalker arrived to dedicate it together with Roy Littlesun. We use the wheel for different ceremonies, in which the Gaia-Initiations, that are taking place regularly, form the climax. We also use this place of power for Group meetings and it may be visited individually. In the year 2009 the woodcarver and sculptor Anja Backhaus experienced the qualities of the 4 directions and then transferred them into 4 sculptures that complement the medicine wheel. They express the power of the wheel artistically.

Significance and sources

The medicine wheel is a ceremonial site and power place, that is built by different cultures. It is usually placed in a stone formation on the ground and afterwards consecrated. In addition, it represents a belief system that different cultures use to describe existence and orientate themselves within it. The different aspects of existence compliment one another and form this wheel. A cross of two axes defines the 4 main places of the wheel. These 4 places are associated with the 4 elements and many other aspects. Always anew they complement each other and build wheels on different planes of existence. Just like water, air, earth and fire complement each other as basic elements of existence, in an analogue order life consists of plants, animals, minerals and humans. Our human experience is formed by body, feelings, mind and spirit. At the same time our inner child, the adult within us, as well as our female and male part complement each other. Every aspect of existence can be assigned to a spot in the medicine wheel. This spot stands simultaneously for qualities of different levels of existence, that form a connection with each other and build bridges between the levels. For instance, water is represented in the South together with qualities like feelings, the inner child, plants, fertility, fantasy, innocence, playfulness, intuition, and many more. Each of these aspects can represent all the others. The allocation to the geographical directions is not of natural laws, but abstract and differs in the wheels used by different cultures.