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Resonance field

Beyond held sessions or even longer events, we invite for an ongoing communal lifestyle where resonance is understood as the most precious state of togetherness and of connecting to the world.
A unique framework got created to invite, nurture, and support such dynamics, somehow like an immense resonance chamber, waiting for the changing human dynamics to get sound, to create the unpredictable music of living in community.

The environment

  • The resonance-architecture created by Achim supports organic connection, flexible interaction and invites you to open your senses.
  • A variety of communal spaces are always open for your authentic presence and encounters.
  • A variety of private rooms and unique living spaces with very different atmospheres and also a very different permeability towards the human vibes and environment allow you to select and change your lodge in accordance with your needs and availability
  • Many opportunities are waiting for you to chill, to explore, to get creative, to work, to enjoy, to dance,... following your personal flow or join communal interaction
  • Yátor, our beautiful tiny white village is inviting us to resonate with their vivid Andalusian lifestyle

Requested attitude

  • Mindfulness, towards others, the environment and also towards the openess of your senses and your heart.
  • Self-responsibility, owning your needs, your desires, your emotions, your thoughts, your capacities and your boundaries.
  • Non-violence in thoughts, words, and acts, including to be non-judgemental.
  • Organic availability, frequently gifting your open presence while not allowing plans, shedules, stress, fears or digital screens to conquer your resonance capacities.
  • Surrender to the authenticity of moments and people. Letting go of expectations about dynamics and outcome.
  • Sex-positivity, with an open attitude towards the erotic and sexual expressions, relationship models and gender identities others and yourself might embody.


  • Step into the authentic expression of yourself
  • Follow your flow, take your time, find your rhythm
  • Go for your dreams, express your desires
  • Communicate openly, speak your truth
  • and allow others to do the same