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Launch special

Special rate while completing and finetuning the coliving environment

33% off for all reservations made during the next months.




Small budget 

400 €

200 €


600 €

300 €


800 €

400 €


While we are in the final stages of completing the coliving environment, we invite you to join at reduced fees. In return, we ask for your tolerance towards any aspects that may not be working perfectly yet and your willingness to adapt to the current state of the environment. We also encourage your feedback and ideas as you inhabit the new space and utilize the amenities, helping us set up everything in the best way to meet real-life needs.

Reservations made during this period and into the future are also offered at this reduced rate, even if at your arrival you are hopefully finding everything perfectly set up already. Your deposits contribute to covering the costs of setting up the coliving environment, and we are grateful for every early reservation.

The planned timeline for the termination of projects in 2024:

  • First 4 pods: May
  • Next 4 pods: June
  • Outer coworking space: May
  • Big coworking space: June
  • Last 4 pods: September"

During April, the central area for the coliving community will be established in the Ecovillage Laboratory, to be moved towards the Resonance Hub at the end of the month.