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traditional Andalusian resonance wisdom

Our little white Andalusian mountain village is an impressive example of embodied communal resonance. During each day's activities, its inhabitants constantly check in with each other, coordinate their objectives and their needs, share their resources, solve their conflicts, celebrate unexpected parties,...
while always having time for a laugh, a glass of wine with a neighbor, or an extensive chat with whom crosses one's path.

Observing their resonance wisdom you will see some magic ingredients:

  • Owning their time in abundance, avoiding stress
  • Maintaining a constant openness to sacrifice plans and objectives for the preciousness of spontaneous human contact
  • Establishing public spaces for meetings and togetherness, being always open for spontaneous communal dynamics, not restricted by the ideas of few.
  • Investing and enjoying open and unexpectant presence in public spaces.
  • Being in a constant flow of organic communication
  • Being open, non-judgmental, and generous towards others and "the other".

We are invited to integrate our life and our projects into their community field, and neighbors are happy to "resonate" with each of us. So come with time and openness to tune in and get inspired.