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Offering a diverse array of individual spaces

Individual Spaces in the Resonance Hub

The Resonance Hub offers two distinctive living options, both without affecting the rental payment. Each choice entails renting a private space within the Resonance Hub and the use of individual spaces in Valle de Sensaciones.

Option 1: Pod: We provide 8 living capsules, called pods, each equipped with a comfortable mattress, flexible lighting, storage cubbies, and shelves, a foldable working desk, and a fresh air ventilation system. The capsules are lockable, ensuring the security of your belongings. Ample enough for both sitting and lying positions, some capsules are slightly wider to accommodate couples.

When you rent a capsule, it might be because you are attracted to spending much time inhabiting Valle de Sensaciones, where you have the option to also utilize another individual space. The related equipment is included in the pod rental: a second set of beddings, mosquito net (even if mosquitoes are found rarely), flashlight, and the usage of bicycles.

Option 2: Room: We offer four sunlit south rooms, each featuring a balcony, a comfortable king-size bed, a working desk, and a cabinet.

Additional Options: Nature Spaces

In Valle de Sensaciones you will discover a diverse range of individual spaces, each boasting a uniquely captivating ambiance. These spaces are not pre-reserved; instead, they are chosen through a communal process. This approach ensures flexible support for personal needs and desires, opportunities to mingle with new friends or lovers, and the freedom to continuously experiment with various living experiences. When choosing individual spaces in Valle de Sensaciones, priority is given to those who are reserving a pod in our coliving and also to temporary participants and the personal guests of our resonancia community.

Camping Caravans: Four camping-style caravans are waiting to be inhabited.

Circus Caravans: Two wooden cabins on wheels offer a romantic living experience. Each is meant to be shared between two people in case needed.

Tree Houses: Two treehouses are waiting as session space during the day, for massage, lovemaking, siesta... . At night they are waiting to be inhabited, but can't get occupied constantly.

Clay House: The 'Hexagono' is our little artistic clay house. A very comfortable space for one or two people.

Caves: We have a little cave where one can sleep. Besides this, there is also the moon temple, a female space inside mother earth. This is also used for women to find retreat for several days while opening for healing and transformation.

Star Beds: Multiple cozy sleeping places amid nature invite for a very special experience between May and September. Many people end up changing their caravan for a star bed, once they open their senses to the luxury of living with nature.


When planning to join our Coliving community, consider the following aspects when deciding which living situation to apply for.
Short-term participants in Valle de Sensaciones cannot reserve spaces beforehand, but they have the opportunity to experience a variety of unique living spaces through the flexible arrangement in our Ecovillage Laboratory. In that case, you can skip the following suggestions.

The Resonance Hub boasts an architecture that fosters a strong connection among the entire community present. However, the lively atmosphere within the house may result in a sensation of human density, posing a challenge for sensitive individuals in their quest for retreat and privacy. In contrast, Valle de Sensaciones offers a vast expanse with numerous hidden paradisiacal corners. Despite the potential presence of many people, the feeling of tranquility prevails.

For those sensitive to noise, movement, and a work-focused environment, reserving a capsule in the Resonance Hub while dedicating substantial time to an individual hideaway in the valley could be the best option. Residents may choose to visit the Resonance Hub primarily for coworking spaces and other amenities. Importantly, the capsule remains always available, whether after extended work sessions, whirlpool or movie nights or for storing personal belongings. This arrangement provides a balance between community engagement and the need for seclusion, catering to the preferences and sensitivities of individuals within the community.

In the colder months, life in Valle de Sensaciones brings residents in close contact with the elements, offering a unique experience. However, it's essential to consider that during this period, certain aspects of daily living may require adaptation. For instance, needing to step outside for shower or toilet facilities might be necessary. Additionally, residents may need to utilize a small caravan's oven to stay warm. This lifestyle, while embraced by some, may be perceived by others as lacking in modern comforts. If central heating and having water toilets conveniently located next to your room are of paramount importance, it is advisable to apply for a south room, particularly between November and April.

The rooms in the coliving house offer a more conventional living experience, ensuring comfort and convenience during colder weather. Nevertheless, even for those who prefer living in close connection with nature, the option to retreat into the comfort of a capsule is always available, especially during infrequent challenging weather conditions. This flexibility allows residents to strike a balance between the immersive natural experience of Valle de Sensaciones and the convenience of modern amenities when needed.

It's important to note that the Resonance Hub does not permit the reception of external guests within its premises. Conversely, Valle de Sensaciones is an ideal setting for hosting guests from outside the community. For individuals keen on receiving guests in their private space, the recommended approach is to rent a capsule and simultaneously occupy a small caravan in the valley. This dual arrangement allows residents to comfortably host friends or loved ones while maintaining a personalized and intimate setting.

Alternatively, for those opting for a south room, guests can still be accommodated in Valle de Sensaciones. However, it's important to consider the potential movement between the south room and the valley, which might be a factor when spending significant time with guests.

If frequent video calls are a significant aspect of your work or personal life, it's important to note that there isn't a designated space within the Resonance Hub specifically dedicated for such calls. In this context, residents are advised to consider applying for a individual room, which offers a suitable environment for conducting video calls. However, residents are kindly asked to be mindful of their voices, especially during moments of silence in the house, to maintain a considerate atmosphere. Alternatively, a capsule is also a comfortable space for video calls. Nevertheless, it's important to be aware that the daily hours for conducting video calls in a capsule might be subject to restrictions, taking into account the proximity to direct neighbors.