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Resonance Hub

la Casa de Resonancia

The Resonance Hub, "La Casa de Resonancia" in Spanish, stands proudly as a four-story residence nestled in the picturesque village of Yator. Steeped in the rich history of this white Andalusian enclave and influenced by Moorish architecture. The building has transformed into a contemporary artistic coliving space, embracing what Achim aptly terms "resonance architecture." This innovative design introduces an open-style concept, seamlessly connecting various floors in expansive communal areas. The inclusion of inviting group hammocks in these open spaces enhances the overall ambiance, providing residents with comfortable and communal spots for relaxation and interaction. A feeling of connection that resonates throughout the entire structure.

When you step into the house, you encounter the community kitchen and the dining area. Besides them a lit 40-square-meter coworking space awaits. Moving up to the first floor, you enter the protected and interconnected inner community area. This space encompasses three floors, united by an internal patio adorned with spacious communal hammocks. Around this patio, you'll find all private living spaces, together with the individual kitchen for spontaneous individual preparation of food and drinks and the little water temple featuring a whirlpool and a rain shower.

On the top floor, a vast lounge invites communal activities such as chilling, yoga, massage, and gatherings. Generously furnished with sofas, mattresses, and a large round table suitable for games and computer work. This floor also houses a thematic library covering topics like nature living, green building, ecovillage living, love and sexuality, cultural movements, and art. The rooftop terrace is on the opposite side of the expansive south-facing window, offering the perfect spot to relax in the sun or shade. Enjoy an incredible view overlooking the village and the mountain region. In the evenings, we gather around the fire bowl, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

It is not meant to be a building where you find complete privacy or complete silence. Even within the private rooms or pods, one remains attuned to communal dynamics unfolding in the central internal patio. This vibrant space also features a sound system, a dance area, and a video screen. It is everyone's responsibility to be mindful of the noise level in the house, ensuring that resonance allows room for subtle vibrations. At the heart of the building, we have a silence gong. Anyone who senses the vibration getting too high is encouraged to sound it, prompting everyone to keep silent and hold in for a while.

The structure is integrated into a sprawling complex of village houses, seamlessly connected by the robust and time-honored composition of ancient lime, gypsum, and stone walls. Rooted in bioclimatic architecture, these historic walls play a pivotal role in maintaining refreshing temperatures during the sweltering summer months, while effectively insulating the interior from drastic drops in winter.

Innovatively, a wood-driven central heating system has been implemented, exhibiting the capacity to efficiently warm all communal areas. This remarkable system not only ensures a comfortable environment even during the coldest seasons but also allows for the flexibility of transforming these shared spaces into clothing-optional zones.