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Communal workspaces

One central focus of our Coliving environment is to provide a fertile work atmosphere where community members can develop both personal and communal projects. A key aspect is offering well-equipped and comfortable computer workspaces connected to the world via fiber internet. Additionally, we provide spaces for manual and artistic work as part of our shared community resources. We would also like to mention in this context that within our ecovillage laboratory, there are session spaces and a diverse environment available to everyone. Here, professionals in human development, bodywork, cultural transformation, and alternative education can offer intimate sessions or workshops in a natural setting.

This approach not only creates a rich environment for personal and professional self-realization and nurturing creative co-creation in many areas, but also serves as a crucial foundation for community members to earn an income within our rural community context. This financial stability allows participants to stay for an appropriate amount of time, fostering deeper connections and embarking on extended transformational journeys together.

As the project is still in the phase of completing the envisioned environment, the coworking opportunities are planned to expand significantly in the coming months and years.

Our current coworking space is situated in the well-lit top floor lounge of the Resonance Hub, offering 65 m² of open space with up to 12 workstations, a communal hammock, and panoramic windows. From there, you can access the 30 m² rooftop terrace, which provides additional space to relax, work, and enjoy the mountain and village views.
Once we open additional coworking spaces, the coworking hours in our top floor lounge will be limited from late morning until early evening. This will allow the space to be used for morning practices in the early hours and for relaxed togetherness or various community sessions in the evening.

We also put into disposition an office, a cool and intimate room with up to 3 workstations, also suitable to realize video calls or to join online-conferences.

In September, we plan to open our ground floor coworking space, a cool and well-lit area with up to 12 workstations and direct access to the street and the befriended bar across the road.

Additionally, we provide coworking outdoor tables in the shade of acacia trees. From here, you can choose to have drinks and tapas served comfortably from our local bar or get drinks and snacks from our own supply in the Resonance Hub.

In all coworking areas, we provide fiber internet with a contracted speed of 1 Gbps.