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Parallel Paradigms

Focus in Resonance Hub vs retreat and exploration in Valle de Sensaciones

Resonancia Community spreads across a diverse environment with various accessible areas for every community member.

The "Resonance Hub" also known as "Casa de Resonancia," serves as a focal point for a vibrant dynamic of shared creativity. Creating an atmosphere conducive to work focus and collaborative processes is a priority in this space.

On the other hand, "Valle de Sensaciones" acts as both our laboratory for experimenting with natural ecovillage living and human dynamics as well as our sanctuary for connecting with nature and oneself. Within Valle de Sensaciones, online work is not permitted, fostering a commitment to full presence for all beings and embracing internal truths.

The simultaneous availability of these two distinct areas not only encourages individuals to separate work and retreat time but also facilitates the unfolding of two community dynamics. One is centered on collaboration and outreach, while the other embodies the natural flow of togetherness in the paradisiac surroundings. As a community, both individually and collectively, we embark on a journey of learning to oscillate between these two spaces, discovering the perfect resonance in our multifaceted interactions.

The distance between the two locations is precisely 1000 meters, making for a pleasant 10 to 15-minute stroll or a quick 5-minute bicycle ride. It's just enough to disconnect from the screen and workload, arriving with open senses and spirit for more subtle vibes.

Resonance Hub Valle de Sensaciones
Preference to comfort Preference for pure contact with nature and the 4 elements
Computer and online work are welcome day and night. No online work is permitted.
Held atmosphere, giving preference to productivity or communal processing. Free flow of authentic individual and communal expression.
Music or other media is just low volume or during defined timeslots. Partying, singing, drumming, and even "healthy" craziness are welcome.
Moderate sex-positivity in adaptation to the actual vibe. Sex-positive, with exceptions
Moderate alcohol consumption is welcome No alcohol allowed, with exceptions