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Agreement field

The values creating a specific community field

Our specialized field of agreements serves as the foundational framework for establishing a community space rooted in an extraordinary cultural codex. Entering this agreement field, fully aware of its significance and with complete dedication, is a prerequisite for becoming a part of the Resonancia Community. This approach ensures the creation and maintenance of a fertile environment where trust, authentic expression, and profound healing can thrive.

The core values encapsulated within these agreements include:

crafting my own experience

As an individual, you are the creator of your own experience, shaping it through your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Embracing full self-responsibility entails abandoning expectations of others conforming to your desires, refraining from assigning blame for their actions, and liberating them from guilt over your emotions or frustrations and resulting actions.

In the realm of self-responsibility, it becomes your responsibility to articulate clear requests when seeking different actions from others and to communicate and uphold your personal boundaries. This proactive approach helps prevent the emergence of dramatic scenarios fueled by hidden expectations, judgments, and blame and discourages the adoption of victim, rescuer, or persecutor roles.

While the concept may seem straightforward, the reality is that many of us tend to evade complete responsibility for our experiences, often attributing our feelings to others. In a community setting rooted in a radical commitment to self-responsibility, the journey entails continuous internal reflection and mutual support. The rewards are substantial, as only an environment founded on self-responsibility fosters a fertile ground for authentic self-expression to flourish.

We extend a sincere invitation to each individual to embrace their complete authenticity. It is a call to step into the fullness of oneself, allowing the unique essence of each person to shine.


To support others in this matter we agree to no judgement. Letting go of judging others, their actions, words, and appearance from our subjective perspective. Even if we notice an internal appraisal of how we perceive others we will always „own“ it. With the awareness that it is the result of our worldview, belief system, and emotional conditioning and that others are free and welcome to live in their reality, follow their impulses, and explore new realms.

Clothing optional

You are welcome to go naked or dressed as you feel at any given moment. That also includes wearing the style of clothing of your choice, may it be to express your momentary vibe or to explore unusual facets of your personality. We also have an in-house wardrobe of fancy dresses at everybody's disposal.

Love, conscious and free

Love is possibly the most precious effect that starts weaving between/among us, once we share a common environment. We welcome love in all its facets, aiming for transparency, consciousness, and freedom. Everybody, and especially couples, are encouraged to stay faithful to their own goals and commitments. However, when addressing matters of love openly, it's natural for hidden beliefs and fears to surface. Issues such as faithfulness, freedom, and alternative relationship models like polyamory may be discussed amongst individuals or in group settings, fostering a space for reflection and understanding.


Sex-positivity is "an attitude towards human sexuality that regards all consensual sexual activities as fundamentally healthy and pleasurable, encouraging sexual pleasure and experimentation. Offering a sex-positive environment doesn't imply expecting a specific sexual attitude from anyone or promoting sexual activities. We welcome everyone to express their authentic selves, whether it's erotic or asexual. However, we encourage transparency about your authentic sexuality and invite you not to conceal your desires. Simultaneously, we expect and encourage every community member to be conscious and responsible when it comes to consent and sexual health.

Queer/kink friendly

Sex-positivity also includes an open and welcoming attitude towards authentic gender identity and romantic, erotic, and sexual choices and expressions beyond any cultural conditioning.

non-violent, honest and deep

Communication in the community context is a central aspect of creating connection, understanding, and empathy.

Non-violent communication

Our communication ethos is rooted in the principle of non-violence, acknowledging that each perception is inherently subjective and influenced by personal needs, beliefs, and past experiences. This approach is founded on the recognition that there is no absolute right or wrong but, rather, opportunities for growth and healing. Rather than attributing challenges to judgments or blaming others, we emphasize sharing individual perspectives, emotions, and processes with humility and transparency. We aspire to transform challenges and conflicts through deep understanding, fostering an environment where meaningful transformation emerges from shared insights and empathy.

Deep sharing

We meet frequently for deep sharing in the circle of the entire community. Everybody is encouraged to speak about their personal perception, their experiences, and their processes while receiving the open ear and the open heart of everybody I am actually sharing my life with. The aim is to create deep understanding and a feeling of connection between everybody involved.

Process work / conflict resolution

Depending on what arises during each cycle, we may engage in process work or discover the need for conflict resolution. This will be celebrated under the umbrella of conscious communication, possibly involving tools such as the 'forum,' mediation, appreciation ceremonies, and other communication methods. Participating in such process work and experiencing the transformation towards understanding, empathy, and love is likely one of the most precious and transformative experiences in community living.

Caring about our impact

Our daily lives ought to embrace a conscious awareness of the impact of our lifestyle on the planet as a whole. The environment we have established here (mostly) supports sustainable living. Natural building materials, biodynamic climate control, renewable energy, waste management, permaculture design, organic gardens and much more. Aside from these fundamentals, we strive for a daily practice of respect, care, and love for our mother Gaia.

being part of our village
Resonancia Community is integrated into the social fabric of the neighborhood of our charming little village. Our neighbors are kind enough to include all of us in their day-to-day activities. Simply by joining the local bar or by showing up on the artistic bench, both of which are right in front of our house or any of the village's delightful areas, our neighbors will happily welcome you into their circle of friends. Sharing their resources or field crops happens openly and kindly. We appreciate everyone actively encouraging this interaction, and we also ask for your respect and sensitivity in dressing and personal conduct so that our unique culture and style may be well received in this traditional village.